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About FSI  

Contact Details

Foreign Service Institute
Baba Gang Nath Marg, Old JNU Campus, New Delhi-110067/Tel:26170250/26170251

Name DesignationTel. No.E-mail
Shri J.S.
Shri Bal Krishan AnandPPS to Dean
Ms. Pallavi RamaswamyPA to Dean
Ms. Sangeeta BahadurAdditional
Shri Rakesh TanwarPS to Additional Secretary
Ms. V. M. DhanyaPA to Additional Secretary
Shri N. J. GangteJoint
Shri Rahul B.GajbhiyePS to Joint Secretary
Shri Rajiv MishraAdvisor (Economic)
Shri Lekhraj SharmaPA to Advisor (Economic)
OT/RG Division :-
Shri Amarnath DubeCourse
Shri Anil Dutt RaturiSection
FT/NRG Division :-
Col. Mayank ChaubeyCourse
Shri Durga SinghSection
Consultants :-
Dr. Rahul
Admn/Estt Division :-
Ms. Manisha SwamiDeputy
Shri Rajesh KumarSteno to Deputy Secretary
Shri Jacob C. AbrahamSection
Library :-
Shri K. C.
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