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Social Development

Dr. U.K. Sinha
Research Fellow, Institute for Defence Studies & Analysis (IDSA)

Resource nexus: water-food-energy Water and Environmental Security
Prof. Manoranjan Mohanty
Council for Social Development

Human rights and related issues
Prof. Prodipto Ghosh
Distinguished Fellow, TERI

Sustainable Development: Economic and Socio-political Sustainability
Mr. Shikhar Jain
Senior Counsellor, CII-ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development, CII

Sustainable Development: Economic and Socio-Political Sustainability
Prof. Amit Bhaduri
Distinguished Professor, Council for Social Development Alternative paradigm of development centered on employment,

Development with Dignity: An Alternative Path to Development
Dr. Mahesh Rangarajan
Director, Nehru Memorial Museum & Library

Nature and Nation: Science, states and ecology in the Asian century
Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak
Founder, Sulabh Sanitation and Social Reform Movement

Social Service and Environmental Sanitation
Amb. Madhu Bhaduri

Civil Society
Prof. Bibhu Mohapatra 
Senior and Director, Indian Development Foundation

Indian Social System
Mr. Amod K Kanth
Chief functionary, Prayas NGO

Child Rights
Prof. M G K Menon
Advisor, Department of Space/ Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)

Science: Technology
Mr. Ameet Nivsarkar
Vice President - Global Trade Development, NASSCOM, International Youth Centre

IT Sector in India
Mr. T Vijay Kumar
C.E.O, Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty

Rural Poverty
Dr. T.K. Oommen
Professor Emeritus, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Conflict and Violence
Dr. Sunita Reddy
Assistant Professor, Centre of Social Medicine and Community Health, School of Social Sciences, J.N.U

Healthcare from the Grassroots
Prof. R Govinda
Vice Chancellor, National University of Educational Planning and Administration

Education: Social Development
Dr. J.B.G. Tilak    
Professor & Head, Department of Educational Finance, N.U.E.P.A

Education System of India, Right to Education
Mr. D Bandyopadhyay  
Visiting Professor, Council for Social Development

Social Development
Prof. Gopal Guru
Professor, Centre for Political Studies, J.N.U

Social Development
Dr. Hari Mohan Mathur
Visiting Professor, Council for Social Development

Social Development
Prof. Kuldeep Mathur
Formerly Professor of Political Science, Centre for the Study of Law & Governance, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Social Development
Dr. N J Kurian
President, Indo-Global Social Service Society

Social Development
Prof. Ravinder Kaur
Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

Gender Inequality
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