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Training Calendar

Training Calendar - 2019

Sl. NoTrainingFromTo
1Induction Training Programme for IFS OTs of 2018 Batch10 Dec 201830 May
2Accounts Module03 Jan04 Jan
351st KIP07 Jan    -
472nd IMAS07 Jan25 Jan
5Bharat Ko Janiye (BJK)11 Jan    -
61st Annual Disarmament & International Security Affairs
Fellowship Programme
14 Jan1 Feb
752nd KIP17 Jan    -
872nd IMAS Retest01 Feb    -
92nd Special Course for Syrian Diplomats4 Feb16 Feb
1053rd KIP08 Feb    -
112nd Familiarisation Programme for Resident HOMs18 Feb22 Feb
12Training Programme for Cab Sec(RG Level Officer)19 Feb20 Feb
13IVFRT21 Feb27 Feb
14Training Programme for NSCS22 Feb    -
152nd Special Course for Sudanese Diplomats25 Feb9 Mar
16Typing Test for DR ASOs 13 Mar    -
17Promotion related Training Programme for ASOs and PAs25 Mar29 Mar
1867th Professional Course for Foreign Diplomats13 Mar12 Apr
19Training Programme for Commercial Representatives posted in
America & Africa Region
08Apr12 Apr
20 Promotion related Training Programme for SSAs,
JSAs and Stenographers
08 Apr 12 Apr
21 1st Special Course for Moroccan Diplomats15 Apr27 Apr
221st Special Course for Senegalese Diplomats15 Apr27 Apr
23Training Programme for Officers from ICCR1 May2 May
241st Special Course for Diplomats from Liberia Diplomats6 May18 May
251st Special Course for Diplomats from Angola Diplomats6 May18 May
261st Special Course for Diplomats from Botswana Diplomats6 May18 May
271st Special Course for Diplomats from Sao Tome & Principe Diplomats6 May18 May
281st Special Course for Diplomats from Equatorial Guinea 6 May18 May
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