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Second BRICS Young Diplomats Forum : Outcome Document

1.  The Second BRICS Young Diplomats Forum was held in the historic city of Kolkata, India from 3-6 September, 2016 with a view to encourage people to people contact, especially youth among the BRICS participating countries. The First BRICS Young Diplomats Forum was held in Moscow, Russia on October 28, 2015.

2.  The Forum provided a platform to the young diplomats from BRICS countries to engage, interact and share their experiences and perspectives in the areas of mutual, bilateral and multilateral interest.

3.  Noting that BRICS today comprises of five major emerging economies of the world, the participants discussed a wide range of topics underlining the successful and multipronged cooperation among the BRICS countries.

4.  The Forum thanked the BRICS leadership for the importance given to establishing direct contacts between the young diplomats of their countries.

5.  The Forum made the following recommendations to the BRICS leadership for consideration:

  • BRICS Young Diplomats Forum be made an annual event in order to provide opportunities to young diplomats to foster excellent long-term functional relationships amongst BRICS countries.
  • Participation and exchange of young diplomats in various professional courses conducted by Foreign Services Institutes of BRICS countries may be encouraged.
  • The Forum recognized the importance of digital technology and supported the use of future official joint digital platforms as tools for exchange of information and interaction.
  • Youth exchange programmes should be supported in academia, sports, science and technology as well as business. The Forum supported more interaction between young entrepreneurs.
  • The Forum welcomed the wide range of cooperation under various BRICS youth initiatives.
  • Regular interaction of young scholars and researchers working in the field of international relations and its various dimensions should be encouraged. The Forum also supported exchange of experts and scholars among think-tanks.
  • The Forum supported initiatives to enhance the global recognition of BRICS as a grouping of like-minded countries.
  • The Forum called upon the Diplomatic Training Institutes of BRICS countries to conduct foreign policy modules for BRICS young diplomats to encourage better understanding of policies and cultural diversities.
  • The Forum welcomed the possible signing of a framework agreement between Diplomatic Academies of BRICS countries for sharing of expertise and experience. The signing would provide a platform for cooperation between the Diplomatic Academies in an institutional manner and interaction among young diplomats.
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